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From Norsk mythology we learn they believed in three levels to the world: land of the gods, of man, and of the deceased. This top level, land of the gods, consisted of two kinds of gods: Aesir (warrior gods) and Vanaheim (fecundity gods called the VANIR). VANIR fought many battles with the Aesir, but ultimately both kinds of gods united. Most well known of these VANIR gods was Freya, a dominating goddess of love. In a battle with the Aesir she rode in a chariot drawn by TWO LARGE CATS. . .which, considering what cats were there at the time, had to be Norwegian Forest Cats. The history of the Norwegian Forest Cat contains many myths and legend and lore. The story of the VANIR goddess Freya and her chariot pulled by two huge Norwegian Forest Cats is but one.

Viking ShipLater in history, we know the Vikings kept the Skogkatt (forest cat) on their vessels for pest control and companionship. The cats sailed the seas and oceans along with the Vikings, and today in most of the places where the Vikings landed we can find cats similar to the Norsk Skogkatt. It is widely believed that the Vikings landed in the Newfoundland, Canada, area long before other europeans. It is most probable that Skogkatts may have "jumped ship" to contribute to the feral cats found in the United States, who later became known as Maine Coon Cats.

The Norwegian Forest Cat evolved naturally in cold, adverse climates. They developed through natural selection, ony the fittest of the breed surviving, and today we have a very healthy and hardy cat.

The Wegie, as they are fondly called, is a very people-oriented cat and adapts easily to change. A Wegie who accepts you as their special person will follow you everywhere and stick close his "special person". Wegies often greet strangers at the door and wonder who are these wonderful beings who are visiting my home. These cats adapt to most circumstances. They have been know to sleep curled up next to dogs, children, and even a pot-bellied pig.






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